Happy Tuesday!

I like my job.
Everyday I drive past Maverik on the way to work.
Gas if freaking $1.95. FREAKING under two dollars!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy about that.
I realized today that I haven't had to fill up my tank for over a month. ONE MONTH! How cool is that. What an awesome day!
My favorite people at work are Justin and Trent. We pretty much spend our days talking about our complicated relationship lives. They tease me everyday because they think I'm in love with Deron Williams. I love Deron in a way that he's pretty much an amazing basketball player, not in the way I want to marry him. One day they hung up a picture of him on my computer. Now I get to see him everyday. Deron heal yourself so you can come play again!!!!

This is me bored at work.

This is me and Deron (the pirate). I love him pretty much.

I get really bored at work sometimes. I decided to get into the Christmas spirit by cutting out snowflakes and hanging them up in our branch to make it pretty. Um... apparently I can't remember how to fold the paper to make snowflakes. When I opened this up, I pretty much busted a gut of how retarded I am. Here is the most retarded snow flake ever. I think it looks like a sea urchin.

Today I came home from work and there was a bowl of fish sitting on my counter. It was a gift from Seth and Shane. They named two of them "Seth" and "Shane" and the rest of them "Crandall" and "Geniveve." Welcome to apartment "Taiwain" fish!!! We love you. Although, I think Seth and Shane should clean the bowl. I am not doing it...

Once upon a time at the first of the semester I went on a late night Wal-mart run with my good friend, Jas. That night I bought a container of Nestle Tollhouse's Chocolate Chips cookie dough. Tonight I finished eating that 40 oz. of deleciousness. I am awesome. And only one batch of cookies was made from it. I ate everything else out of the tub. Yum.

Today someone asked me what nicknames I had. When I thought of them all I remembered each person that gave that nickname to me and how much I love them. I would like to list them now for you and something about the people associated with them.

Genie- My mom will call me this. It doesn't happen very often, but I like it when she calls me by this name.

Jabean- One of my favorite people ever, Adam Russon, would call me this. I pretty much miss him.

Lene (pronounced leanie)- Jordan Davies called me this. When other people, that I won't name, started calling me thisI got kind of mad, because it belonged to him.

Bean- One of the bestest friends I've ever had, Lindsey Adams Coy, always calls me this and I love it. I miss her.

Beano- another form of "bean" that makes me laugh.

Frijole- Lindsay Kay Hess is that author of this name. It's spanish for "bean." I miss her too.

Jal- Jas calls me this. I like him. He has been a life saver for me this semester. I can never repay him.

J-Bird- This is my newest nickname given to me by Seth. Him and Shrivner call me this. I like them. I'm glad I met them.

Jay- My mom will occasionally call me this, but mostly it's used by a really good friend. And it's pretty special to me. You have to earn a lot of my trust to call me this.

Some of you may not know this but my first name is actually Helen. (I go by my middle name.)This name is most special to me because I was named after my great aunt. I wish I had a picture of her on my computer, but I don't. She was the coolest lady ever and I miss her so much. She was an awesome example of righteous and happiness. She made me laugh by the funny things she said in her old age. I don't think I'll ever be called by this name, but I love it being a part of me.

That's all the nicknames I can think of right now, but I'm sure I have many more. If any of you can remember them, let me know.

That's all I have to say today.

Happy life.


JMoney said...

Mojito. My little Mojito. Hey I have a [seemingly] random question for ya... Hahaha oh man Jal... Yes, I do think I'm funny. Mojito.

kelli case said...

jalene! you ROCK. i love reading your blog! where do you work? i need a JOB!