Knives cut.

Why are Sour Cream and Cheddar chips so good? Sour cream and cheddar alone don't sound appealing, but in chip form they are GREAT! Yum.

I almost blew away toady. Whoa! So windy.

People smell. I have hundreds of people walk up to my teller window everyday that exude of smells I never knew existed. It is gross. I wonder if they can smell themselves.

My " The Consumer and The Market" professor started out our lecture today by showing a power point that read:

"Some consumer products have built in hazards:

Knives cut.

Motor vehicles crash.

Matches burn."

Seriously?! SERIOUSLY???!!! I'm paying over $2000 in tuition to learn this?? Ridiculous. I'm not sure I have any more patience left for this woman. She pretty much drives me crazy. I only have to attend her class two more times... I may last. Possibly. Slight chance. I'm not sure.

ARGHH... I'm a pirate.


JMoney said...

This is most likely to be the most seemingly random blog post I have ever read. I loved it. Two things:

1) Who is this toady character, and why would you want to kill him?

2) At first I thought you wrote "...not sure I have any more patience left for women..." but I re-read it and it made more sense. But I agree with what I thought you wrote...

Overall, I just think you're a pirate, love.

camille said...

i remember that day..it was the day you inspired me to start a blog and the day i almost peed my pants in class because of that lecture...seriously!!!

love you!


p.s. read my blog you should laugh!