Rock It Some More...

... is the shirt I'm wearing today. I love it. It is awesome. I love Bryce Avery.

Have you ever had something in your life that you think about non-stop? You think about it the second you drift off to sleep, the second you wake up, when you brush your teeth, when you eat your cereal, when you walk to class....?

I can't concentrate on anything. I CAN'T think about anything else. I'm seriously going to fail school. You have no idea.

I long for resolution.
For peace.
For clarity.


I have to patient. And deal with this thing called TIME. Yuck.
I'm trying though. I'm trying to learn from this and be a better person.

My fellow blogging world... I guess I just am sending out a plea for you to think of me... and pray for me. I need it. Thank you.



kelli christine case said...

i have that shirt too! i LOVE it.

and i know the feeling it SUCKS

Anonymous said...

I Love that shirt on you, and yes I know exactly how you feel girl. If you need some divine guidance and perfection in your life. I am the man to call. my number is 801-791-8530 ask for Curly Sue. ha ha

Krista & Tyler said...

life. sometimes i just want to be zach morris and freeze time, have a conversation with someone that's completely off the books, resolve my problems and press play.
you're a gem - no worries - and how could anyone as beautiful as you have problems? lol I love that cop-out. But seriously, you look beautiful!