I need your opinion... yes, YOURS!

So I need a new hair style.
I'm soooo sick of mine.

So I need your opinion.
I've been thinking about cutting blunt bangs.
A bit daring, but here is my reasoning...
a. if I don't like it they will grow back pretty fast.
b. also, if I don't like it, I can swoop them to the side.

But then again
a. I'm not sure I have the right face shape for them.
b. Or the ability to pull them off.

Here is a photo of my BLAH hair now...
Very simple... and BORING!

Now what do you think about me cutting short choppy layers like Ashley here?
(don't pay attention to her bangs)
I just don't know what to do with it. I want to keep the length because I've waited so long to grow it out.... but this??? I'm not sure.

Reese is lovely. She has more of the soft bang look. What do you think for me?

And finally Keira. People have told me I look like her... I'm not so sure.
Anywho, she has more of the blunt bang look. Don't pay attention to her ugly tipped highlights and her ugly dress.

So basically I would look like this.
Except shorter so I could see.

So I'm in a dilemma. I need a new look.
I want your opinions.

And if you have any other hair suggestions for me that would be great!


TheCoys said...

I like the bangs in the first picture. you should do that.

Squall said...

C'mon, Linz. Pay attention. Um, yours does not need an apostrophe, so you are correct. And I think you look hot in blunt bangs. Do them. So says the Shrivner. :)

Anonymous said...

Just like I said earlier, and after having some of my esteemed friends review your pictures. The blunt look is the Hot look for you, however anything is good on you as I said before...Jason Linz and sara you are all right..

kristin said...

I love your hair! I don't think you should cut layers into it though. But I think it would be so pretty if you had bangs like the picture of Reese Witherspoon. I like that they aren't quite as blunt. YAY this will be fun. What should I do to MY hair now??

cache&lindsey walker said...

go for it! love reese's hair! you could definitely pull off the bangs!

Lindsay said...

You can honestly pull of anything, do what you want. In my opinion, I like Reese's tossled bangs. You'd be gorgeous bald (but I'm not suggesting that). :D

Krista & Tyler said...

i vote the reese look :) b/c curly bangs are a pain in the butt during summer, lets be honest! just play around tho-bangs grow fastest!