Does someone want to give me $82 so I can buy this amazing dress from Shabby Apple?

I think it is absolutely darling.

Mom? :)


Anonymous said...

Well I'd loan you the money if I got to go out with you for the maiden voyage of said dress.... ;)

Krista & Tyler said...

Hey!!! I love Shabby Apple!!!!! I was going to buy my bridesmaids dresses from there! Ah! Wish I was rich...well, richer....lol love college life!!! xoxo I'm excited to do this shoot as an excuse to see you/hang out with you! I wish we all lived closer...lol

jasmine said...

it's soooooo cute. i love the print on the bottom part. it's awesome! and it looks like you've got a secret admirer up there, jalene! haha! ;)

Anonymous said...

Weird, I totally thought that was a picture of you!