Toyota? Honda? Hyundai? Mazda? Pontiac?

I just don't know!

This is so hard!



Leon said...

I would go with Toyota, Honda or Mazda. In reverse order.

sT.T.T. Stanger said...

I would definitely go with a Mazda 3 I drove one for 7 months of my mission, They are fun to drive and very cute.

jasmine said...

volvo!!! (or volkswagen)

but since those aren't on the list of options, definitely honda. i was pretty loyal to honda before i went german. they're great cars. so are toyotas, but i prefer how hondas drive more.

Luke & Natalie said...

Mazda for sure. We bought one in Feb and are tempted to get another one. No problems yet and they are priced lower than the rest because you aren't just paying for the name.