Pioneer Day... and other July festivities.

Want to know something that I love about Utah?

The 24th of July.

It celebrates the day the first group of the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley.

Along with celebrating our Pioneer heritage we have parades, carnivals,
(check out this awesome race)






Mmm... I sure do love summer.


Leon said...

Looks like a great 24th! Me, I had to work. :)

TheCoys said...

oh cute! I love all these pictures. Happy festivus!

tricia said...

it looks like it is so much fun! those s'mores look delish too lol.

7upkels said...

oh how i love the 24th too :) yay for utah! and the excuse to light fireworks twice in july!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, oh my heart! Love love it! That video is hilarious!

Haley said...

Those pics are so cute! That obstacle course looks like a blast!

camille said...

hoorah! the 24th is the best! we did not hit a buffalo with the car although it would have made for a great story. my blogging capabilities are slackening and my post was confusing...sorry :(

OceanDreams said...

I landed there a little too late to see the fireworks, but I could kinda see them from the plane! Looks like you had fun! Cute photos!