(bear lake, utah and my toesies)

boating? fun.
sun? lovely.
sunburned? a little.
tubing? painful.
sore? immensely.
interested? nope.
happy? yes.
motivation? gone.
vacation? please.
dreams? haunting.


Leon said...

I hate tubing. In my opinion it's just legalized torture.

Anonymous said...

Very profound stuff. Was this a date? Looks like fun! I love boating so so much, especially on Bear Lake! I'll be there next week! :O I heart your face. Cute toes btw :)

Kelsha said...

Such good times. I am so sore though! Maybe next time we could just sun bath and chill in the water instead being drug like a rag doll all over the wake of a boat whilst our body gets bludgeoned by a plastic tube?

jasmine said...

sounds looooovely! i would love to be on that boat!

sooooo guess what? can't guess? i'm on the internet in my house!!!! hooray! now i can actually start reading your blog again! :) i have missed it.

Abby Quijano said...

wow.. this makes me want to go to the beach !

Haley said...

Hey I was there on tuesday too! How fun I love boating oh so much