Hey, Mr. Postman

Today I received this cute little thing in the mail!

I shall call her... Betsy.
Because she's itty-bitty and so very cute.
I placed her on my Harry Potter book to show you how tiny she is.

Betsy is a SuperHeadz Golden Half Camera by Chelsea Maika from Urban Outfitters.

And mostly I like it how they sent her in this GIANT box.

There's a certain quality about film that I absolutely love. (so glad I took that film photography class in college... it made me appreciate it so much more.)

Ahhh!!! The beautiful images are in my head. I'm just ready to click click away.

Betsy and I are going to have lots of fun on our vacation next week!

now... time to pack!


hELLO kELLO! said...

diggin the GIANT box ;)

Leon said...


Shrope said...

you got it, cool! And your packing thats awesome!

OceanDreams said...

That is such a cute camera and that is super funny that it came in the ginormous box! Great that you have a new toy for your trip!

jasmine said...

betsy's the cutest! love that huge box. that's hilarious! have fun with your new camera!

j.peri said...

I love the big box ;)
i've been saving up for a camera from UO. but I always seem to spend that money on something else.
What camera do you recommend?


Fashionably Kate said...

what a great camera. have fun at the beach!

Jo said...

How cute!! I can't wait to see the photos she will take! :)

Julia said...

Oh, how cool! I love it.