dear future husband,

hey there.

can we get tandem bike?
i saw a couple riding one the other day.
and i pretty much loved it.

and i hope you have a lot of body heat to share.
because i am cold about 90% of the time.
right now is one of those times.
it's september and i'm wearing a long sleeve shirt.
i guess they still think it's summer because the a/c is blowing full blast around here.

that is all for today.
i need to get back to my studies.



AlpHa Buttonpusher said...


Shrope said...

you know they rent those bikes at the beach here in o'side, you should come check'em out sometime.

siovhan said...

mmm. i love this.
isn't it delightful to think that he's out there somewhere ... waiting for you too?! =]

7upkels said...

dear husband. please do not share your body heat with me, for i am hot 90% of the time.

honestly i would give anything to be cold!!!!!!!!! i am always too hot!!

won't it be great when your husband really reads this??

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute! I write letters to my husband in my journal all the time. One day I'll let him read them...but only if he shows up! ;) Love ya!

jasmine said...

future husband would be crazy to not let you get a tandem bike after you asked so nicely! :) i think i'd like a tandem bike too! that sounds like fun. levi??

Leon said...

I hope my future husband lets me get a pet frog. And I hope he's a woman. And I don't really want a frog.

Anonymous said...

Those bikes are so cute! I can't imagine riding one around here though... it's hard enough riding a regular bike without 40-million people running in front of you. Love them though!

Chess said...

I've always wanted a tandem bike. And except for the last few days, I always get cold. Sometimes when you write, I think you're reading my mind. Can I forward your letter to my future husband? :)

Jessica said...

Hey there Jalene,

Just came across your blog now, and I LOVE it!
In fact, I can't believe I have not discovered it until now.
I enjoyed viewing your beautiful pictures, and reading some of your sweet and truthful posts. I am following now, and will have to read more!
Look forward to chatting more soon.

Jessica :)