happy weekend

(the sky was beautiful last night as i drove home.
photo via iPhone... it was all i had)

i know it's already the weekend, but i just wanted to wish everyone a lovely one.

i've already started my fun.

500 days of summer last night--still don't know how i feel about it.

and brad paisley tonight.

mmm... me having some fun.


see you all next week.


Cat said...

very pretty picture :)

LiLu said...

Oh, I LOVE me some Brad Paisley. Jealous! :-)

Nicole Smith said...
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Nicole Smith said...

I want to paint that sky! Thanks for sharing ;)

Kimberly Julie said...

i still have yet to see that movie... i'm unsure if it'd be a good thing with the current state of my heart right now. hmm... thoughts?

Carlita said...

we saw that movie saturday afternoon, and i couldn't tell if i liked it or not either. i am leaning towards yes, just because it was real life, not some fairy tale chick flick... and b/c he is cute in it. hm. still undecided for sure though.

Jocelyn said...

awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

Awesome concert! Great weekend! Lovely times! :)