we made cookies


we made cookies.
the chocolate chip kind.

i watched you drape the apron over your head and i thought, what a cute boy... that smile gets me



you cracked the eggs... one, two, three.
i swooned.
i measured.
i poured.
you "blended" (your cooking terms). hah.
i playfully wiped some flour on your face so you could fit the part.
five minutes later i wiped it off and gave you a kiss in the same spot.
you told me i looked cute in my flowery apron.
i know you loved how motherly it made me look.
then as we placed the dough in little 1" balls on the cookie sheet, you declared you were going to make a heart shaped one... for me.
i glowed inside.

i couldn't help catching glances of you.
oh, so very handsome.
we stole a short peck.
in front of your family.

i was still too bashful to keep my gaze for too long.
we talked, we laughed.
my stomach hurt from eating too many cookies.

but that was the night i thought,

I think I'm falling in love with this boy.

*originally written September 15, 2009.


Sam said...

that is so adorable :)

Bathwater said...

Those are the best moments. sometimes you don't even know your in on until later when you reply it in your mind.

my name is lauren. said...

this is so lovely and well written... and romantic. i love it!

7upkels said...

i love this. i love the moments you can pinpoint exactly when you felt "yes. i think i may be falling in love with you..." and your heart does some sort of a flip inside your chest because it's letting you know something special is about to happen.
so wonderful and so cute! i'm happy so for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, l'amour.

Jenni said...

that was way too cute!!

siovhan said...

i love this. it's well written and so honest.

krista said...

cute, cute jay! :) Thanks for being an awesome friend.

Kelsha said...

Krista you forgot to capitalize the beginning of your sentence. Also, Jalene is an awesome friend. I know because she likes me better.

CaLLie.ANN said...

Fairytale love, definitely.
...but the good kind of fairytale. Not like..too good to be true. Like, happily ever after. :)

Iva said...


Cat said...

so cute :)

Cat* said...

I love it. I LOVE it. I LOVE IT!!!!

marierin said...

agh.. Reading about you falling in love makes me want that too. Too bad I'm too scared to talk to the boy I like!