Well, folks.

I can't believe Friday is already here.
Weeks just fly by for me.

Which is a very very good thing

It's homecoming this weekend,
so I will be doing such related activities.

Like the dance.
And the football game.

And possibly a little USU tradition.

I'm excited. :)

kinda creepy photo of me by this guy.

And just a side note:
How come whenever you go get your hair cut
the girl tells you she's only going to cut off 1/2 inch
but you come home with 3 inches chopped off?
Do they use a different kind of ruler??
Do you know how long it took me to grow that stinkin' hair?!


Have a great weekend!


heisschic said...

and THAT, my dear, is why im afraid of getting "a trim." my split ends have split ends, but im terrified of what "just a trim" will turn into...

happy homecoming!

Red Boots said...

That always happens to me too! Apart from once, when I hadn't had my hair cut in an age, and I asked for 3 inches to be cut off, and the hairdresser cut half a centimetre.

I definitely think hairdressers have a different sized ruler to the rest of us! I've started to point to where I want my hair cut to now. Seems to be working!

Chess said...

Haha, I wonder what tradition you're talking about? Perhaps one where you and somebody else stand on something next to a little building called Old Main? Maybe? ;-)

About your sidenote: The only reason I'm sad Saren went on a mission.

Leon said...

One thing: I dig that photo. A lot. The end.

Love and miss ya, Jalface.

7upkels said...

haaaaaawt picture. and i agree with the haircut thing, and i'm getting mine cut tomorrow!!! ahh!

have a fun homecoming weekend!

Carlita said...

that is THE most frustrating thing about hair cuts! i finally found a girl that doesn't do that... but it's still so annoying!

i bet yours is still plenty long and very pretty though :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am the opposite! If I am getting a trim/cut, then I want it to be noticeable! Sorry she used a different measuring method ... make sure to tell her next time!

Cat said...

i know exactly about the hair cutting thing... some of them just won't take no for an answer!

p.s. the picture isn't creepy! and i couldn't be more jealous of your glasses if i tried (:

brandi milne said...

Super cute!!!

rubi said...

next time you should show your stylist where you want your hair to hit. collarbone, shoulders, elbows. that way your half inch isn't any different than theirs.