As we listen to the prophet's voice.

Things I wish for currently:

-that is was the end of winter instead of the beginning.
(I'm going to try really really hard to be positive and happy during the winter.
This is the point in time I really hate living in Utah.
But... I'm going to love it.)

-that I had a teleporting machine or that I could apparate like Harry Potter. (it SERIOUSLY would make my life sooooo much easier right now!)

-a trip to Mexico would be good. yep, way good.

-new bath towels.

-a down comforter for the sake of my warmth the next few months.

-more time... (nope!) better time managing skills.

-a new back... oh, the-chronic-back-pain-every-day-of-my-life!

-that I wasn't up to my ears drowning in homework and work.

Don't get me wrong...

Even though I have these wishes
life is still dang good.

I'm fine without them (or dealing with them).

Listening to General Conference this weekend will be absolutely lovely.
I'm attending the Sunday morning session with Mr. Linc.

I love my church.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.



Krista & Tyler said...

Jalene. I love you. We should chat soon. I have many questions which I should ask you. Looooove it! ps: thanks for blogging. i heart it.

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

I love that pic! :]
awww.. i miss you guys & Utah!! I wish I was there to "enjoy" the winter with you. haha

Stesha said...

Winter is my favorite season! Maybe if I had a touch of the Utah cold weather it wouldn't be!

Hugs and Mocha,

jasmine said...

i just voted for Y-O-U on a little sussy. :)