proust over at AEIP

the lovely jasmine featured me on her blog An Experiment In Poverty today!

(i love this picture of her)
she's pretty much awesome, don't you think?

i always look forward to reading her adventures with her sweet boyfriend, Levi.

she's so kind-hearted, beautiful, and amazing.

i just love her.

and i think i want her to become my adopted big sister.  :)

thanks, jasmine!

it was fun.


Krista & Tyler said...

Congrats Jalene! I think that's awesome! Ty and I love your blog too :) I really think that you're contributing so much to the lives of others - you're fantastic!

Love the new header :) Looks fab!! oxo

Anonymous said...

I loved reading that, Jalene! It made me happy :) Thanks for sharing. I love having new blogs to check out as well!

Megan said...

Your blog banner is SO COOOL. will you teach me everything you know about taking pictures?

TheCoys said...

That's cool bean! I love your thoughts. And I'm so glad to be your friend and I'm glad your my friend (and Tyler's). We both love you!

olivia rae said...

loved your interview! and you have a very lovely blog!!


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading about you! Can't wait to read more about you and your sweet looking blog:)
(I love pic taking too:))