yeah, that's freaky.

last night I did this assignment where I shopped for a house.
it was a cute little 1915 three bedroom fixer upper.

well, when I drifted off to dreamland
I dreamed that this house was haunted.

and it was really freaky.
I don't remember many of the details,
except that I was running.
lots and lots of running.
and it was really dark.
and maybe some fire?

i guess my mind is getting ready for Halloween.

although, my dreams are always kind of freaky.

a couple weeks ago I had a dream that I gave birth to 7 brightly colored reptile babies.
and they were HUGE.
like HUGE brightly colored iguanas.


yeah, way freaky.

I wish everyone a spooky Halloween weekend!

and don't forget to enter the giveaway!
you have until Sunday by noon!


siovhan said...

oh my gosh, that's scary!!! sorry about your freaky dreams!

Michelle said...

One time I dreamed my sister was a witch who was coming after me and my friend... She even had a cauldron that was bubbling and creating a green mist.

It's the freaky dreams that stick with you! And scary ones always freak me out.

kelly said...

me last night? bear attack. awesome. dreams are seriously the best. and you are seriously the cutest.

Mandy said...

Haha sick! My mom said when she was pregnant she had a dream she gave birth to a toaster. ?

Happy Halloween!

krista said...

Haha you make me laugh! I had a dream the other night my dentist hit on me! No joke! Crazy dreams.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jalene, I have forgotten how much I love your dreams! Hahaha! But really? Iguanas? Your kids are going to be way cuter than iguanas....at least puppies :) jk! Like mini-models! Seriously...especially if things go where I think they're goin...if you catch my drift ;) ;) hee hee, jk

kate lines said...

um. that's so freaky, because my sister has the same dreams. pink and blue lizards to be exact.

Austin Knutson said...

7 brightly colored reptile babies, eh? that's wild. so for my MIS 2200 class i have to make a blog and within said blog i need to make a list of 10 well-made personal blogs. i don't know of too many personal blogs so i'm going to list "as she thinketh" in my blog. so yeah, you're pretty much famous now.