dearest fall,

image taza inspired and taken with shakeit app on dah iphone-ular

either i forgot how much i love you

or this is the first time i've really appreciated you.

as the leaves fall so delicately from their trees and the sun warms them that glorious smell fills my senses.

you know, that smell?

that smell brings back memories from my youth.

we would anxiously run around the neighbor and knock on all the doors asking if we could have their leaves.

the neighbors, of course, encouraged us to take them.

we would rake and gather and load up my father's wheelbarrow.

and run across the street trying not to let any of the leaves escape our load.

and pile, pile, pile

those leaves on top of the others.

our goal would be to beat our pile we made last year.

finally! our pile would meet our standards.

we would run and jump on our pile

and get leaves stuck in all sorts of places.

it was absolute heaven.

we thought life couldn't get any better.

i would argue that i probably had the best childhood ever.

sometimes i really miss the adventures,

the carefree days,

the make-believes,

the lack of responsibility.

i think i especially miss it now.

in the fall.

oh! how in love i am with fall.

and i also think this time of year makes me want to be a mom so much more.

the crafty, the cook, the organized
(all those mom things)

as much as i love school (and secretly hate it) right now

i know i want nothing more than to be first--a mom.

career second.

cheesy, maybe?

well, it's true.

it's what i've always wanted.

to run around with those little chick-lets

make giant leaf piles,

go on adventures,

enjoy the seasons,


and just love them so much,
you don't even know.

fall, thanks for reminding me what i really want in life.

thanks for being so beautiful.

please stay a bit longer.


the someday mother



Ashley Taylor said...

I, too, am most excited to be a Mother and this Fall has been full of much anticipation for me as well. :) Have a happy day!

Michelle said...

I feel the same way!

Mandy said...

I know what you mean... I just want my own house, and own kitchen, and own kids to cuddle. And own husband to hug when he comes home from work.

Anonymous said...

I love reminders of my desire to be a mom too! Sometimes I feel like I want that more than a husband...then I realize I should probably get one of those first ;) jk! Love this post, very poetic. You'll be a cute mom one day, Jalene! Then our kids can get married!

Beth said...

This is exactly how I feel! Both about the being a kid again and someday a mom. One was amazing and the other will be for sure.

Jessica Leigh said...

Although I hate to be redundant . . . I completely concur :)

Fashionably Kate said...

I love fall, and the memories that go along with.

you'll make a great mommy someday!

geri said...

you are so darling!
and this little post here made me remember really good things. i needed that. i think i'll be more positive today.

EJ said...

oh the joys of life. thanks for being in mine. :) i wanted to post on this one because you said that no one ever posts unless it's about boy toy. you are awesome. have a good day!