headin' south with the birds.

image via sabino

today is the one of those days i wish i had more than 24 hours to accomplish everything i need to.

i'm heading south this week for a conference with my peers and professors.

which makes me feel extremely old
and nervous,
and grown-upy.

i'm not sure how to do these things.


anyway, i have SO much to do to get ready for it and i might be developing ulcers.

i've scheduled some quotes to share with you this week while i am soaking up some warm sun rays south-ward and learning about finances.

i hope you all have a great week!

and if any of you have a time stopper i can borrow, i would really appreciate it.


Mandy said...

how cool! Have such a good time!

Anonymous said...

For a second I thought you said, "...learning about fiances"...nearly gave me a heart attack ;)

Have fun! Be safe! Good luck!

TheCoys said...

Yeah! Have fun. I wanna hear about the conference when you get back. Hope you don't miss Linc too much

7upkels said...

oh man. have so much fun! i know what you mean about growing old. so scary.. maybe that's why i want to delay college graduation for just a year longer...

ps. i've been wanting to tell you this! rocket summer just released a new ep and i thought of you when i got it. it's wonderful and you have to listen to it sometime when you get a chance!!!

Leon said...

Don't grow up. It's not worth it. :)

Miss ya, Jal.

Meg Fee said...

oooh girl. good luck and have so much fun!

communikate. said...

AZ right? Enjoy. The weather has been perfect down here lately!