i ate turkey. he had ham.

did i mention how much i loved this weekend?
i didn't?

oh, well i did.
like, a lot.

mostly because it was pretty much a 5 day weekend for me.
no school.
no work.

just lincoln.

this was the first time we spent more than 3 consecutive days together.
because we are doing the whole long distance weekend thing. boo.
and... (drum roll please!)

we didn't get sick of each other!!

this is a very good thing, folks.

we didn't do anything overly exciting...
saw new moon... meh
saw the blindside... LOVED it! (that was actually the weekend before)
ate copious amounts of food.
watched a heck-of-a-lot of football.

i also had a perma-smile the whole five days.
geez, that boy.
i am one happy girl.

did you know i love him?

oh, well i do.
like, a lot.


my name is lauren. said...

too cute. i love reading your gushy (in a good way) posts about lincoln :).

Cat* said...

You two are really cute...it is melting my heart :)
I am happy you are so in love. I love people who are in love...I am looking forward to many more lovely posts of you two!
Have a great week :)

communikate. said...

love long weekends with those we love!

Michelle said...

yay! I loove your posts about Lincoln!

Glad you guys had some time togeth-a

Kera said...

so cute. it was around thanksgiving when mac and i first started dating. so fun to be in love!!!

siovhan said...

you're adorable. :)

Rohini said...

Dearest Jalene
Your blog makes me ridiculously happy
even through macroeconomics
thank you=)

*donna* said...

such a delightful post ;0)
glad you had such a lovely holiday and that you didn't get sick of each other - definitely a milestone in any relationship!

Mandy said...

Congrats on your first 3 days together! Of course you didn't get sick of each other.

you guys are way too cute.

Whitney said...

Why did he eat ham?? That's super strange.

7upkels said...

Haha so. cute. I hope you tuned into the last 5 minutes of the BYU/UofU game. Only football game I can actually sit through...


MH said...

That is such a stellar picture. Crisp and love the black and white.

Celeste Noche said...

just found your blog and i think it's wonderful! can't wait to read more :)

marierin said...

agh! I love this. I love these posts, they make my heart melt also. Seriously, this makes me want to date a cute boy. It's going to happen someday! In the meantime keep us posted, this is all so lovely.

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

You're so cute! I love reading your blogs.. I am so happy you found you're one and only! :] I hope I get to meet this special boy soon. Miss you guys. hope to see the fam soon.