dear blog,

sorry you've been so neglected lately.

here's what we've been up to:

sitting on santa's lap

taking our family photo

haha. just kidding.

remember this little guy?

he's getting so big!!

and still as cute as ever.

well, blog.

as you probably know, christmas is in 3 days so i'm going to be here and there and everywhere.

but i promise, i love you.

i'll be back soon.




Megan said...

i award this best post ever. Your blue & yellow outfit freaking ROCKS. Also, your fiance isn't bad looking at all.

Chess said...

That is a darling baby! :)

jasmine said...

merry christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh snap, tubby babies get me right in the heart! SO ADORABLE! What a cute little mom you'll be :)

Robby Spratt said...

I liked the post-publication-edit. I do that all the time to my posts.

p.s. I liked it better the first way, it was funny.

Emily Anne said...

Mrs. Taylor,
Ahh I read all your last posts and I'm soooo happy for you! How exciting. :) How you two met is so cute it almost brought tears to my eyes.
I am so going to be a follower.

Love, love love...
Emily Anne

*donna* said...

i LOVE your mustard dress!!!

Carlita said...

i love squishy babies!

and merry christmas! enjoy being engaged... it's great! but marriage is better :) can't wait until June for you guys!