i'm in love with fridays.

i love it when lincoln texts me when he's tired {just before sleep} because i always get funny little blurbs like this:

"you ate my better half..."
{you ARE my better half...}


have a wonderful weekend.

our activities include:
a movie,
wedding planning,
christmas party x 2


yay for both of us finally being done with this semester!
this is the first weekend we've spent together that we won't have to worry about studying.



Anonymous said...

I don't think it's appropriate to insert the word "freaking" into "hallelujah"...or to eat Lincoln's better half...haha, jk :) Happy Weekend!

Megan said...

that is the coolest picture I've ever seen in this entire world.

Chess said...

I love when I mean to send 'you're a dork' but i send 'fork' instead....

Chess said...

Also.... the verifying word was "wrizzo." I think it suits that pic of yours. You two are the wrizzo!!! Haha!

Brittany said...

i can't even tell you how much i love this picture of you two. so cute.

have a wonderful christmas with your love!

ashley lauren said...

Tired-texts are THE BEST! Ha ha, this picture is so beautiful!

Nahl said...

hahahha you "ate" my better half ALWAYS happens with me. Or I'll want to say something like "i got a new soap and im so excited to shower with it", and instead of it i'll type "you" and the msg will become all naughty without me even knowing.
Anyway, cute blog.