all is right in the world (somewhat)

so remember yesterday and how my life kind of came crashing down?

well, i (kind of) sorted things out today.

after i made, what felt like, one bazillion phone calls this is where we are. (if you really even care.)

side note: i don't even know how in the heck all these receptions venues are already booked. i called and asked about all these different dates and they were all booked. so weird!! for utah. engagements are usually only 3 months. (we are far from the norm, but that's out of our control. we would like to be the norm.)

we are, sadly, not getting married on June 3rd anymore. :(

we had to change our date to Saturday June 5th.

some cool things about June 5th:

-my grandma told me at Christmas that this day is her's and my late grandpa's anniversary. i think it will mean a lot to her that we get married that day.

-it's exactly six months to the day we got engaged.

-it's five months from today!

the brightside of this whole thing:

-we still get to have our reception at the same venue.

-we get our same photographer.

-it's far enough in advance that it doesn't completely destroy everything. for instance, i'm really really glad we are finding out now rather than after we print the invitations.

-all those people i talked to when i made the one bazillion phone calls were really nice and helpful.

-i still get to marry lincoln.

the downside:

-i'm not too thrilled to get married on a saturday because the temple will be crowded.

-i probably won't be able to hire the videographer i wanted. :(

-we had to change the room for our wedding dinner. and i really really liked the other room.

but all is right in the world.

today we got a call saying we won a drawing for a freaking awesome discount on a DJ!!

please tell me you're only required to have one wedding "something that goes wrong."

because this really was not fun.

but i'm so glad things are working out.

other wedding woes:

i don't want to sound like a drama queen, but i also had one of my diamonds fall out of my ring. but the best part is we found it! (the story: it snagged on the couch. i instantly checked my ring and saw the missing diamond. i told lincoln, "DON'T MOVE!!" and found it resting on the cushion.)

this week:

monday loses.

tuesday wins!


Sam said...

I'm so glad things are turning up! And I'm glad you found the diamond right away! That's scary.

britt and jacob said...

well im happy to hear things are looking better. we had sooooo many of those things happen- but our wedding day was the best day ever. nothing couldve been any more perfect. and im sure yours will be the same. ie; i wanted ours to be on a saturday so more peeps could come, and we could only do a friday so we could get our photgrapher...such is life i suppose. well, great news. my best friend is a wedding videogropher and of course i am byasst but she is out of this world. you can check out our video on my blog
or go to her blog
tiasbowen.blogspot.com and ours is labeled brittany and jacob. she is so great. you would love her. seriously, as ive been looking at your style, it is very similar. well, hopefully that'll help! i have tons of fun wedding advice if you'd like any...just let me know! do you already have someone for your announcements? or a dress??

Mandy said...

Good thing you sorted that out. Utah is crazy! I am getting nervous... We are thinking August but maybe I should start planning now? :) And what site did you see me modeling dresses on? I have modeled for a few different companies but I am curious as to which one you saw me on. Haha so embarrassing!

britt and jacob said...

oh and sorry, mistake is that i meant to say i found your blog on kates, communikates...not jess deals. thats where i found hers. sorry. have a good night:)

Michelle said...

wow that is so lucky you found the diamond! Knowing me it would have been lost for ever!

Sorry things got messed up, but it sounds like it will work out really good! Good luck to the rest of your planning, that nothing else goes wrong!

Meg Fee said...

double-booked?! how could they? does that mean they'll give you a discount? june 5 is an excellent day--perfect, even. so glad everything worked out! and loving your new year's photos, you gorgeous girl, you!

Talana said...

June 5th 2010 actually sounds amazing!

I pray that this is the only wedding woe for you. But if it is not; you will still be married for eternity to the man you love!

And that is all that really matters, Right?

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Okay. Maybe this isn't the BEST advice right now.

But I have found through my own wedding that, sadly, things do go wrong. That's life, ya know? However, it's how you handle those things that matters. Just kind of roll with it and tell yourself that the most important thing is marrying your fiance and that everything else is just gravy, ya know?

Ashley Taylor said...

I'm glad everything worked out for you! My husband and I had to change our location (from CA or OK because families were complaining about our small wedding and the family won) and we had to push it out a week. BUT once you get to that day, none of it matters. All you can think about is how happy you are to be marrying that person. :)

Kara Lynn said...

I'm really happy that you got everything all worked out!! Planning a wedding is so stressful. That is really sad about your ring :( I have had that happen twice now and we couldn't find the diamond so they just replaced my ring. But it's still really sad when it happens!! Good luck with everything else, I hope it all goes smoothly!! I am getting married a week after you :)

Anonymous said...

Glad it all got worked out. I still need to know so many thing. Did you get Rebekah Westover? Where's the "venue"? Where's the luncheon? Who's the videographer you couldn't get? Cause if you need a suggestion, Nathan Pickett rocks! And, are you going to do the Funfetti wedding cake? Oh, weddings are so exciting. Try to see the happy side instead the hectic side. It's all about the temple party anyway.

kimmers said...

I am so glad that things have worked out for you. I am two weeks away from being married and never heard the idea about just one bad thing happening ... we had a lot of bad things happen. But life goes on and we still get to get married and the temple is the most important part. Congrats again! You will be a beautiful bride. :)

Renee said...

So so glad Tuesday won out. Didn't want to say "It will all work out" because ugh, that's annoying, but now that it has, I'm glad I'm always right about everything.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I meant "temple part" not "party" :)

Cat said...

i'm sure your wedding day will be fantastic (:
i really like reading about you & lincoln!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

That was such a cute/funny post! I'm glad that it's all working out!