Can I get some help, please?

Apparently if you are crazy enough (like me) to take more than 18 credit hours, you need an approval from the University.
Who at the University?
I still haven't figured that out. Everyone I talk to keeps passing me off to someone else and claiming responsibility on another person who claims it's not their responsibility. Talk about frustrating!!! I'm not getting too far.

In spite all of this, I'm feeling pretty good about my jam packed semester. I tend to get a lot of motivation at the first of a semester and feel like I can handle everything. Then I usually get bogged down by the 3rd week and barely push through all my classes kicking with all my might to come up for air.
Do you feel this way?
What do you do to stay motivated?
I'll appreciate the suggestions.

And finally,
does anyone out there in the world wide web know where we can either A. buy grey suits for the men in the wedding party that are tailored nicely and a medium grey color for a good price or B. rent grey tuxes. We had another wedding woe with grey suits and JC Penny that I don't really want to talk about, but let's just say we aren't happy.
It seems like every suit place in Utah doesn't carry grey suits or tuxes for a good price. They look at you like grey suits have never even existed. What's up with that? If any of you used grey suits/tuxes at your wedding or know of someone that did will you let me know how you obtained them?


happy tuesday!


kate lines photography. said...

the two weddings i've done that included gray suits were purchased and j.crew and banana republic.

good luck on your 18+ credits!

kristin said...

yeah utah state is the WORST at helping with pretty much anything. i think every time i asked someone a question i'd get passed around to every office in the building. yuck. sorry.

Josh and Alli said...

I'm pretty sure that Tuxedo Junction in Salt Lake and Sandy do...good luck!

Michelle said...

ahhh I HATE when places give you the go-around. So frustrating. At my school we go to the counselor to get an approval signed, and then have to register for the class at the administration office in person instead of online.

Good luck with your classes and finding the grey suits!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Yeah I was going to say J. Crew also. Good luck - gray suits sounds really snazzy!

communikate. said...

yep. i was going to say banana republic for grey suits too.

good luck!

18 credits? umm. amazing.

Ashley Taylor said...

My husband bought his suit at Target when we got married a year and a half ago. It fit really well and has lasted. Last time I checked, they had grey and the whole suit is less than $100. I would also look at J Crew or Banana Republic. You'll pay more there, but you may get a better tailored look. Good luck!

lehi + sasha said...

my husband just bought a fitted suite from express. i'm not a big fan of express, but the suite itself looks nice. and of course, if you have a bigger budget, i'd hit up j.crew.

i also had to take over 21 credits for couple semesters, and i had to go talk to someone in the dean's office to get a piece of a paper signed off. i'm not sure if it's still the same. it's been over 5 years. good luck!

katrina said...

jeffrey just recieved his grey suit from j crew and i have to say it fits wonderfully!

check em out.

they have awesome online deals, or if you order it from their phone at the store you get free shipping. +student discount.

siovhan said...

ooooo!!! i know this one!! okay, you need to figure out who your academic adviser/counselor is for your specific major. like mine was a comms lady in the hfac because i was a communications major. so that's where you go to get your add card/certification signed to be able to have all those credits.

and maybe men's warehouse? i know some of them have nice and reasonably priced suits.

Chess said...

I felt like I was drowning all last semester. But to stay motivated.... when I felt like I needed a break, even though I felt like I couldn't risk it, I took it anyway. Why? Because the refreshed feeling you get will help you more than trying to plug away for another two hours without that break. So, when you feel like you're going to die, stop. Go do something else. Watch a movie, eat a treat, laugh with your friends. Then go back and try again. :)

Diana said...

that's a full plate! hmmm...organizing always helped. the biggest distraction was the internet. i just discovered http://teuxdeux.com and i wish I had it when i was in school.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jalene. I love you! Keep breathing! :) I'm sorry that school is being obnoxious, they're good at that. As for the grey suits, we always get ours from that tux place in Centerville, but I'm guessing that you've tried there. I'm not a tux expert. Good luck with everything. I'm praying for you!