instead of doing homework i did this...

today i chose photography over homework.

and i still have 7 quizzes to take.

and multiple assignments to complete.

and i know tomorrow i will be super stressed out
and mad at myself for procrastinating.

but right now,
i don't even care.

instead of doing homework today i did what makes me happy.

i'm in love with photography.

i think it was good for me.
usually by this time during the week i turn into a crazy person.
no crazy today!

one day,

photography will be all i do.

and one day,
i'll start a photography blog
so i don't have to post on here.

i am not even close to being that great yet.
but i'm slowly finding time to practice.

my beautiful friend, kristin,
asked me to take photos of her for her photography website.

we braved the cold and
i think they turned out great!
my job is really easy when i have a beautiful model like her.

here are some of my favorites.



i think this next one is my favorite.


hello, gorgeous eyes!





the haze made this filter from the sun and the lighting was so great!


thanks, kristin!

i had so much fun.

i'm glad we are friends.


Anonymous said...

Jalene: When I looked at the pictures you took of Lindsey's nephew I thought, "Jalene, do the world a favor and be a professional photographer!" These confirm the same thought. Beautiful!

Kristin: Love your coat. Your eyes. Your face. You.

Dayna said...

Did you use a reflector for her face? Just curious.

xoxoKrysten said...

The pictures are really gorgeous, as is your friend!

Sam said...

beautiful! both the pics and the girl!

7upkels said...

you are multi-talented/amazing. those pictures rock. what a beautiful friend you have!

Kara Lynn said...

That looks like a lot more fun than homework :) I am sure it was good for you too! You take amazing pics! And your friend is gorgeous!!

britt said...

wow!! so impressive. you rock at photography! i wanna hire you...
for?? hmm something.

Leon said...

Your favorite is also my favorite. Great work!

kristin said...

woo! yay! oh i love them. thanks so much jalene. i love you!!

Chess said...

Beautiful pics! Kristin, you have gorgeous eyes! I've always wondered what it must be like to have brilliant blue eyes. :)

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Gorgeous pictures! And what a gorgeous girl! You are really talented!

Jen Jenkins said...

Can you make me look that beautiful?

I still need to hire you.

Good luck with all the quizzes and homework!

{eleise} said...

Lovely pictures! That are so great!