do you all know kate?

she's just the loveliest lady.
plus, she's super funny.

she featured me over on her blog today.

check it out.

thanks, kate!


xoxoKrysten said...

Congrats on being featured!

Kitty said...

loved reading that feature! And finding out about that blog! Such fun reads! Thanks for all your sharing! Especially about your wedding plans (don't hold back, i love reading about them!) And congrats with the countdown! time is flying!

Brinlee, Kyle, and Kimber said...

Hi Jalene,
I know Kate. She's great, right?
As you know she featured you on her blog, that's how I stumbled upon this lovely page as I got lost in the land of blog.
I'm stopping by and as you request I'm saying hello AND
I think you are darling. Your love seems real and I love that. The proposal story was awesome!
I like your words. Keep filling these pages, please.
Hope you are having a happy weekend.
Oh, P.S. I also have a blog. It's private (lame, I know) but I have a baby girl and it makes me nervous. I'm definately not a writer like you and most of it is photos of my family, but if you'd like (to know who your new 'stalker' is) I would invite you. You know the drill, just send me your email.

Sorry so long. :D