it has been confirmed...

it's true,
yesterday i was really tired.

here's a hilarious story about it.

last night,
lincoln and i got on skype to chat before bed.
i said something that made him laugh,
which made me start laughing.

out of no where

i start crying!

then i start laughing even more because i have no idea why i'm crying.

lincoln freezes and starts asking me what is wrong.
i can't even spit out that nothing is wrong
and i have no idea why i'm crying
because i can't even breathe
because i'm laughing/crying so hard.

it was a huge hormonal mess, i tell you what.

and completely hilarious.

i went to bed.
and slept so good.

slept so good that i didn't wake up to my alarm
and was late to work.

i'm on a roll, people!


Shelby Lou said...

that is funny. haha

sometimes, I love being late for things because I slept in. It's nice.

xoxoKrysten said...

It's funny how boys gets totally weirded out when you get hormonal like that. My husband always wants to fix everything. Sometimes I just have to say, "Hon, I'm emotional. There's nothing behind it."

Anonymous said...

You're a roll? Haha, this reminds me of last week. I was watching a movie with my parents and I just started bawling. Then, my mom and I talked about a funny story and I laughed myself to tears and started bawling again. I, too, was overly tired. Sleep is healthy. It makes us look more normal than we actually are. Boys are lucky, they only have to worry about 1 hormone.

Carolina said...

i had the exact same experience like a year ago. i was shocked! happened on my kitchen, talking to a dear boy friend after a very stressful semester had just ended, and there, i was laughing one second and crying the next. laugh, cry, etc... amazing what tiredness can do to one! :) hope you're feeling well these days (i just bumped into your blog somehow, and enjoy your little daily stories). keep your chin up! we can do it!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

I didn't hear my alarm this morning either and was totally late to work! Your story is hilarious! Being a girl is so weird sometimes, but I love looking back on things that I do. Poor Lincoln-he was probably thinking, "Oh no, what did I do?" You're so awesome Jalene.

brittany barney said...

a whole bunch of amazing ness. ps, love skype. i love having laughing attacks. and getting all my emotions out. feels great aint it?
loves and happy strengthening vibes to you my darling!

Whitney said...

funny. i'm sorry you were late to work though. but hopefully the sleep will make up for that stress. loves.

brittany barney said...

hey hun, i tried to look up that link, and it said on the blogger thing that it doesnt exist? hmmm
not sure what i did wrong i just pasted what you wrote.

Mandy said...

Haha I always cry when I'm tired too, but usually not when I'm laughing.... Get some sleep girl!