doesn't know when to use the "you too" phrase.

last night, lincoln and i went to the brian regan concert.

if you don't know brian regan, please youtube him now.
(don't you love how "youtube" is suddenly a verb?)

he is, by far, THE funniest comedian ever, 
in my opinion.

have you ever laughed for an hour and a half straight?

man alive!
your cheeks will hurt!
and your abs.

lincoln laughed so hard he cried 3 times.
i swallowed my gum.

we had so much fun.

his show was all new material
and all of it was top notch HILARIOUS!

if you know his bit about the "you too" phrase, you'll understand my title.

sadly, i am guilt of that today.

totally said "you too" to my boss when it didn't make sense.

lincoln bought his tickets before we even knew each other
and he still took me.

thanks, lincster.
such a great date!
plus, it was great to see you in the middle of the week.
that never happens!


communikate. said...

fun!!! he's hilarious.

glad you had something light and funny. engagement time can be STRESSFUL sometimes. it's good to mix it up! :)

Megan said...


brittany barney said...

i love him he is hilarious! so glad you got to go, im jealous!

xoxoKrysten said...

I am definitely going to YouTube him =-)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I'm laughing already. So excited for tonight. BTW, I miss yer face, Jaleny Bean. Let's plan a date for the friend shower soon, yes? :)

Talana said...

"What's the score, Brian?
...uh snowcone! Play half game get whole snowcone!"
Love him!
And that picture really looks like you are going to get hit by that car!
Glad you didn't!

kELLO! said...

brian, what's the plural of box?
boxen! i bought 2 boxen of doughnuts.

kylee said...

ohhh my how fun! i'm going to see him tonight & i'm stoked. glad it was a good show! ps. you two are adorable together.

tifsong said...

how glorious is this! so glorious! i love me some brian reagan. i think he's coming south sometime. but it might be way too late to get a ticket or two. that's okay though. he's still funny.

p.s. you're beautiful and so is your sir.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Looks fun! I wish that we could've gone the same night! Sooo fun! I can't wait til we all get together to chat about it!