raspberries, the fruit kind.

oh, this day was horrendous.
just the school part.

i would tell you all about it, but i'm sure you don't really care.
and i don't really want to relive it.

all that matters is i lived through it.

right now, i would just like to bask in the beauty of getting through this week.
and eat these most delicious raspberries.

raspberries are expensive.  and i probably shouldn't be purchasing such luxury items on my budget.
but the other day i was at the grocery store and saw them sitting there ever so love-ly on the shelf and said,

"self, you need raspberries."

good thing i listened because today was one of those really stressful school days that i needed those raspberries. 

and they are mighty delicious raspberries.

in other news... thanks for all your good weather vibes.

we had ourselves a little engagement session yesterday.  it was all really fun and intimidating at the same time.  i think i checked my makeup and hair in the mirror about 358 times.

the wind subdued, which helped a lot.  and it didn't rain or snow!  go utah!  we were only a little bit chilly a few times, but overall it just went great.

you can imagine how much i'm anticipating seeing them.  i'm kind of crazy person when it comes to that. 

so now this horrendous school day is over, i have some time to spare.

i could probably study and, ya know, get ready for the school week.  but i'm just not that kind of motivated person.

i think laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling in complete silence sounds like the most appealing option.

have a great weekend!


geri said...

i feel the very same way about school—and raspberries.
glad your engagement sesh went well! weather = stress. excited to see them.

oh! p.s. your ring is a beauty!

xoxoKrysten said...

Mm raspberries sound SO GOOD! And yay for your shoot going well!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear the photoshoot went well! I'd totally be impatient too!

Hope today is better than yesterday, and that the raspberries were delicious! (Isn't it the worst to buy fruit and then it isn't good??)

jaimie said...

Okay i will seriously devour an entire thing of raspberries in one sitting. I can't help myself they are so delicious!

Anonymous said...

First, yum! I love raspberries ever so much, too!
Second, I wanna see your engagements real bad, too!
Third, I wanna lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, too! :)
How agreeable, we should be friends and talk more...cause apparently that's what friends do. It's nearing time to set a date for the friend shower. How bout a saturday night in May?

Anonymous said...

p.s. YAY! Look what I found: http://lookthroughmylens.blogspot.com/2010/03/items-of-business.html !! You guys look awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!

tifsong said...

hi you're beautiful.
love tif.