a story about a saturday night.

it was a saturday night.

a boy

and a girl

 were hungry, like they usually are.

they decided to go Callaway's,
a quaint little Italian restaurant in Smithfield, Utah.

they talked and laughed,
and the boy was in a very goofy mood.
(see visual)

and then it came time to order.

the boy wanted a caesar salad

and the girl wanted some Parmesan chicken.

the boy said to the girl,
"Let me order yours and you order mine so I don't feel like less of a man."

the girl replied,
"What?  No, just order yours.  The waitress won't care."

the boy went on to say,
"Guys from this town eat nothing but big juicy steaks and here I am ordering a little girly salad."

the girl thought that was quite ridiculous, but ordered for him anyways.

the boy and the girl definitely confused the waitress when she came back to check on them.

and their food was delicious!

the boy and the girl really enjoyed each other's company
that saturday evening.

the boy and the girl definitely love each other a lot.

you could say, they are the bestest of friends.

what better way is there to spend a saturday evening with your best friend than eating delicious italian food under twinkling lights?


xoxoKrysten said...

You two are so cute. And I think it's hysterical that he made you order his salad. That sounds like something I would make my hubby do.

brittany barney said...

i love love love. so funny. what cuties you two are. i love how in love you are and how excited you both get about each other. precious really.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better way. I love Italian food! YUM

jprp said...

what a sweet, gorgeous post! you look so happy together, I hope it's like that forever! xx

Catherine Newman said...

So adorable, I love it!

Jessica Leigh said...

Haha... I love how you write, Jalene! :)

To Lincoln: No worries, my dad almost always orders salads... then he just steals food off everyone else's plates (then he gets a but of everything)

Aron said...

I may or may not have asked my wife to do the same thing! (great post)

Shanley said...

i love this! your photos are fabulous!