a walk.

yesterday was simply lovely.

so the taylor family
(and i)
took a little walk.

this is penny, the dog.
she came with us.

this is ally, the cat.
 she decided not to come.

 this is a very awful picture of me, but lincoln's dad is funny.
and my fiance is cute.
so just look at them.

aww, warmth.  i love thee.

 boys like to run.
so does penny.
can you find her?

handsome guy.
i love him.

is anyone else feeling a whole lot happier now that it's warmer outside?

mmm, yesh.


Anonymous said...


brittany barney said...

yes. i love the sun.

xoxoKrysten said...

SO much happier! I can't wait till it gets GREEN here!

kristin said...

oooh i LOVE that last picture!

communikate. said...

glad to hear you're getting lovely weather!!