i feel...

what a week already!

and it's only wednesday.

help me.

i still have two huge projects to finish by friday.
that's been somewhat of a struggle because the internet in my apartment has decided to quit for the last two weeks of class.  it's awesome.

oh!  and did i mention that's it's snowing?
it's april 28, and it's snowing.
i especially fell in love with the snow this morning when i was walking to the shuttle and a big pile of it fell off a telephone wire directly on my head.  that also was awesome.

i've also been searching/worrying about a job once i move from this snowy place to a place down south.  the positions have been few and far between.  if any of you know how to land an interview, let me know.

2 more days of class... 2 more.

will i survive?

if you don't hear from me by saturday, i may have died.

cross your fingers for me.


Carlita said...

don't die.

you'd be sad you didn't wait to get married :)

communikate. said...

just breathe.

have a treat. or a diet coke.

next week you'll be snugglin with your man. relaxin. and wondering why you ever stressed.

good luck with finals!

Anonymous said...

Please don't die, I love you. It is bad, especially this close to the end, but you're SO close! Keep praying and pushing. SO close.