oh, sweetness.

can you hear that?

do you hear that noise?

what is it?

oh, it is the sweet sound of


i can't even express to you how relieved i feel right now.

my two huge projects are in and i am a happy camper.

i haven't even taken my final tests yet, but i feel an extreme release of stress.

there is a substantial difference in my mood right now than two days ago.

i feel like skipping down a street and swinging around a pole and clicking my heels.

that's how happy i am.

this week was not my favorite.

for one, my internet hasn't been working for about two weeks in my apartment (until last night). 
talk about frustrating.

i've been stressing about finding a job.

but today is friday.

and friday is fiance day.

 before we were engaged.


in other news, i did a press check this morning for our invitations and they look AMAZING!
i'll tell you who did them and show you a picture some day.

and also, one of my big projects was an estate plan,
so i had to write a will and all that good stuff.

part of the assignment was to write my own obituary.

i totally cried.
it was the saddest thing ever.

we had to write it if we were to die right now.

i got to the part about talking about lincoln and i had huge alligator tears running down my cheeks.


happy happy day!

i survived the homework.

now, i just have to pass the tests.

have a wonderful weekend!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Glad to hear you are so happy :)
Good luck with your tests!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Yay for feeling that much more free. So exciting!

When I was in 11th grade we had to write our obituaries for a class I was in. I remember feeling really sad. I wish I could remember WHY we had to write them!

Anonymous said...

YAY JALENE! Congratulations. Good luck with your tests, you'll do AWESOME!

7upkels said...

haha write your own will? that makes me laugh that it made you cry, thinking about lincoln. you are so cute!

Robby Spratt said...

Congratulations! I'm sure everything else will go well. Just think, this time next week you will be DONE!

whimsy said...

you are too cute.
do alligators have big tears?
seriously my biggest fear is something ever happening to jacob. its so scary. good thing we have prayer!

andrea said...

Jalene -- I was looking at jessica kettle's photog blog (love her stuff) and she put a link on your engagement post to your blog so i thought i'd check it out! :) (you did say "if you stop by, please say hello" so I hope it's alright that I did.) anyway, I totally love this post (and can relate) because I too just finished finals last night. And "freedom" was the first word that came to mind! well...maybe it was "yahoooo!" but they were right there together! I had a LITTLE jam session in my car afterwards: windows down, music blasting, singing at the top of my lungs literally. haha it was wonderful! anyway I hope you feel good about your tests! good luck!!! :)