5 days to wonderful.

this evening i was sitting on the couch where 9 months and 12 days ago a boy and a girl held hands for the very first time.

it was a lot like most first hand holds go.  you both know it's happening and you're both kind of nervous, but you pretend like it's totally cool.  and you don't want to adjust or move your fingers because you're afraid they might take it as a rejection and let go.  and both of your hands get a little sweaty.  and you're not really paying attention to the movie that is playing because you're so consumed by the excitement that is the first hand hold.

and as you know, that hand hold between the boy and girl turned into love.  and now they are 5 days away from becoming husband and wife.

husband and wife!

it's all still.... very............ intangible for me.
obviously it feels a lot closer than it did 6 months ago, but i still can't really comprehend it.
mostly i just am in awe how lucky i am.

to have him.

he's the coolest/funniest/handsomest/kindest/loving/goofiest/happiest person i know.
and not only do i get to have him as my very best friend, i get to have him as a husband for the rest of eternity!

and i just think that's the most rad thing ever.

i am madly in love with him.
and being madly in love with him makes me cry a little because i'm just so gosh darn happy.

these past 9 1/2 months have certainly been an adventure.
hard at times.  very hard at times.
but they were wonderful. 

and this saturday we begin a new adventure together.
and it will definitely be hard at times.

but i'm willing to bet 

it will be even more wonderful.


Kera said...

so excited for you!! can't wait to see the pictures! xo

Anonymous said...

I have read most of what you write everyday. I have never commented on your posts though.

I feel like I really HAVE to wish you a very happy and long life with your boyfriend!
You are so lucky and you know that!
That's why you appreciate every single moment with him! :)

I wish you only happy days together! :)

Emily said...

so i haven't ever commented on your blog either, but i've been reading your blog for a while (i love it). i found it through one of my friends... i can't remember exactly who... but anyway, i just had to tell you how excited i am for you 2! you are such a beautiful couple and i can feel the love you have for each other! marriage is the most amazing thing ever! i wish you guys the absolute best and can't wait to hear how the big day goes :)

katrina said...

ohhhh THIS WEEK! im so excited for you, its kind of ridiculous. hahaha i cant wait to hear all about it and see the pictures. you two are going to love it. being married forever is the BESSSTTT!

Shanley said...

this kind of gave me chills. I am so freaking happy for you. How WONDERFUL! And I love that first hand hold - always super cool, always pretending it's not happening, always wanting to scream and do a victory dance and feeling like fireworks inside.

God, romance is so FUN!

whimsy said...

yay for marriage!!!!
loves to you!
ps, got your invite, and soooo excited

andrea said...

5 days is so close! It's so exciting!! :) I'm excited to see all your pictures! From reading your blog, you are a lucky girl to be marrying him -- but he is a super super lucky guy to spend eternity with you. :) congratulations!! enjoy your wedding day! :)

Chess said...

Congratulations!! I know you'll be so very happy together!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I remember this exciting time! *sigggh* enjoy every last second of it :)
p.s. totally loved the description of first hand holding. SO TRUE! HA!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

That is so cute! I love how much you love Lincoln! That's how love is supposed to be! I'm so glad that you two are getting hitched!

Brittany said...

you are sweet. i'm so happy for you.

7upkels said...

ohhh my darling, i am so happy for you! you can start counting the hours now til your big day! so happy for you!