the final final.

well, peeps.

this is it.
no, not the michael jackson movie.

i have one more final.
it's a friday final.
aren't those are the worst?!

who has finals on friday of finals week?

anyway, it's a doozy.

like, WAY hard.
probably the hardest final i'll ever take.
isn't it kind of weird that my final final for the rest of forever is going to be the hardest final i'll ever take?
you don't even know.
i'll spend more time stressing about it than studying for it.
which isn't a good thing.

i also have to have all my cleaning done and stuff moved out of my apartment two hours after this final is over.  and i also have to be at work at the exact same time my cleaning is supposed to be done.

needless to say, i will be MIA from this blog for the remainder of the week.  i hope you understand.
but i will have glorious graduation pictures for you next week if i don't end up in the hospital because i gave myself ulcers from stressing about the aforementioned final.

in other news...
after friday i will see lincoln every single day for the rest of forever because i will officially not live 80+ miles away from him.  yay for that!

i also found a job.  yay for that too!

and the best news is.....

there are only

wait for it

30 more days

left until i marry this boy.

he's not going to be happy that i posted this picture, but i think it's hilarious.  it describes him perfectly. 
he's the goofiest kid i know.  he makes me laugh every day.
this picture was taken after we had been dating for about a month.  back in september.

30 days people!  until we are married!!! 
do you feel like this has been the longest 5 months of your life hearing me talk about it?
me too.

well, now you only have 30 more days of hearing about it.
we started out at like 182 days, so now 30 sounds WAY better.

30 sounds doable.

i can do 30.

also, in a span of two weeks i have 5 bridal showers.  i was looking at my calendar the other day for may.  isn't that nuts?  whoa.

may is going to be cahh--raaazzzyy!
so much to do still.

thanks for all your sweet comments on our engagement photos.
and welcome new followers.

and uhhh.......... bye.


7upkels said...

Time flies! 30 days already?! So exciting. And good luck with your last final; The last final (regardless of the day it seems) feels like the hardest final to take because I just want to mark bubbles and be done for good!! Oh, and TRS in August?! Yes and yes!!!! I'd never miss a show! Will you be there?!

Your engagements were b-e-a-utiful. Wow. You are absolutely gorgeous and you two together are stunning!

Meg Fee said...

oh so exciting! good luck on the final! then freedom to dream of marriage!

heisschic said...

just so you know, i absolutely love hearing your excitement about marriage.

it just seems so rare that people these days are more excited about the 'forever' than the "i'll walk down the aisle in a white dress and everyone will be looking at me and it will be the best day of my life."

so, thank you. if i ever get engaged- im going to try to keep this enthusiasm of yours FOR MARRIAGE in mind.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Just be happy you only took 5 months to plan. My husband and I took over a year and that was WAY too long.

Kitty said...

oh good luck!!

and remember....

no matter how you do on the final, linc is going to love your guts. :) That's the perk of loving and being loved: other things don't matter as much.



its simple love said...

You can do thirty days! I hope your final went well!