the wedding. in review.

this is going to be the first post of many about the wedding... the day, the vendors we used, etc.

the whole time we planned our wedding i kept thinking i wanted to do a review of all the vendors we used.  my good friend, kristin, wrote a review after her wedding and it helped me during my planning process.  i wanted to give other brides an idea of what we loved... and what could have been better.  planning a wedding is super frustrating at times, so maybe this will help make it a little easier for you.

the first piece of advice i could give brides is when the wedding finally comes don't stress about anything that goes on that day.  i know, i know, EVERYONE tells you to do this.  but i'm serious.  the best thing i did on my wedding day was not care about the details anymore.  i focused on how i FELT during the day.  the whole day was the most spiritual and the most fun day of my life.  we had everyone we loved with us and celebrated the whole day.  i know it's cliche, but it was seriously the best day of my life.  so that's number one:  enjoy the day, no matter what!

next... where we were married.

we decided that we would be married and sealed for all eternity in the salt lake temple.  

i have always loved the salt lake temple mostly because of the special history behind it.  the mormon pioneers started building this temple in 1853 and finished in 1893.  yep, that's right.  40 years!!!  i've always admired the majesty and beauty of the temple, and most of all the tremendous sacrifice the pioneers made to build this beautiful building.  the exterior of the temple also has rich symbolism, which you can read about here.  it is very interesting to me how inspired these pioneers were.  the sealing ceremony was very special and beautiful.  our sealer was 92 years old and lively as ever.  he was very sweet and inspired.  when we were in the temple he kept telling us that we were "sparkling."  and said that we just looked like the happiest couple ever.  (which we were/are.)  lincoln and i both were tearing up during the ceremony.  at one point the sealer handed me a tissue which i promptly gave to lincoln because he needed it more than i did.  haha.

the sealing was definitely the most beautiful part of the day.  it was a very sacred and spiritual moment in our lives.  making the decision to be sealed in the temple was the best thing we did through the whole process.

part two... coming soon!

(all photos by jessica kettle)


Michelle said...

aww you totally brought tears to my eyes reading about your sealing!

Those pictures are beautiful! And I totally appreciate the reviews--I'm not any where near getting married, but I think this is information that I will automatically always remember!

Chelsea said...

You look so gorgeous in all your wedding photos. Great job on your very first post! It was fun to read about your wonderful day; I'm sorry Johnny and I couldn't be there to share it with you.
Love, Chelsea

Carlita said...

cliche or not... so true :) and what a beautiful way to share about such a special moment.

can't wait for a whole lotta pictures and deets!

Sam said...

you look beautiful :) and that temple is gorgeous! 40 years of hard work.

kristin said...

your sealer was probably the sweetest man in the universe. kenny said that he thought he was going to be translated any minute because he was so angelic. :)

p.s. good idea to split up your posts instead of doing one everlastingly long post like i did!

Stephanie said...

your wedding pictures are amazing! the color, the contrast! i really love em!

Mandy said...

Aww I loved this so much. We are getting married in Salt Lake too!

Amanda said...

You're gorgeous! Can't wait for more!

andrea said...

Love those pics! Can't wait to see and read more. :)