the wedding. in review. the routine.

right as we began planning our wedding we immediately decided that we didn't want it to end up like the stereotypical mormon wedding.  they usually are more of a funeral procession than they are a celebration.  we wanted it be fun
and we wanted people to stay all night long.

even before i met lincoln, i conceived up this idea that i wanted to do some freaking sweet dance with my husband as a surprise for our guests.  this worked out great, because lincoln's family has a tradition of performing a "cousin dance" at every wedding reception.  
here are the photos from the cousin dance.  i love these photos!

and then lincoln's brothers performed the three amigos dance, which was hilarious!

i thought, perfect!  after they do their dance we can stand up and say, "we know it's a tradition to do a cousin dance, but we wanted to show you guys up with our own bride and groom dance!"

being a friends guru, i was watching an episode one day and decided that lincoln and i could perform "the routine" that monica and ross do at the new year's celebration taping. 

we barely pulled it off.  i think we learned it a week before the wedding even though we were planning to do it all along.

nathan pickett, our most awesome videographer, sent me a link on my facebook page today of "the routine" captured.  so i thought i would share it with you.  i'll tell you more about nate later, but we pretty much think he's the coolest guy ever.  so cool that we wish we could hang out with him all the time.  we are facebook friends, so that tells you something!

and here are the photos from our photographer, jessica kettle, of "the routine."
lincoln's facial expressions are priceless.
nate even told lincoln on our wedding day that he has very expressive eyebrows.  hah!

i was so glad we did this even though we look like dorks.  
we had so much fun! 

and we hope the tradition will carry on.


Chess said...

I love that video. Dorky dancing is the best, and I hope I find someone that loves to do it as much as I do! :-)

communikate. said...

girl.. you didn't just barely pull it off, you ROCKED it! what a great idea!

oh, and the cousins dance AWESOME.

p.s.. love nathan pickett's stuff!

TheCoys said...

yeah, it was awesome! But so cute at the same time. I loved it. And your wedding was the funnest party of the summer.

katrina said...


i have to say i love your ending. jeff and i tried to learn it and just didn't have the skills. bahahha

you two are truly adorable.

i llllove that you had a celebration. its how it should be. so happy for you guys.

miss lex: said...

best. video. ever!!! i love it! :)

jaimie said...

you guys are awesome this seriously just made my night because A. i am a fellow Friends lover and B. it's obvious you two have great chemistry! congrats :)

Amanda said...

this. is. awesome.

Your wedding must have totally rocked--what a fun family!

7upkels said...

totally cool. haha i might really, really, really have to just do this on my big day too.

Ihler Family said...

I thought your dance was the perfect addition to a fun family tradition. The pics are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that is soo fun!

I must say i am a little surprised at how well you can dance around in your wedding dress!

Love it!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Ha ha ha! So awesome! I loved how much fun your wedding was! And your dance was priceless!

Brittany said...

adorable. i love that you made your wedding your own.

mandyface said...

I knew what dance this was just from the photos! Such a great idea!! You guys look like you had such a great time!

whimsy said...

i think this is the best thing i have ever seen! i so badly wanted to do something like this, and with all the craziness of everything, we just let it go. totally regret it! you should frame all these dance shots! they are to die for! nathan is amazing for sure!

JMay said...

I LOVE your wedding pictures, you look so beautiful and happy.

LOVE that we got married on the same day & both went to Mexico for our Honeymoons too ;-)