i have some confessions today:

  • i call my mom everyday asking her to cook this or how to cook that.  i absolutely don't know anything about cooking.  but she does.  she's great!
  • i have to make most of my phone calls outside of our apartment.  we get no service in our cement-surrounded bomb shelter.
  • i am still writing our thank you notes from our wedding.  i'm only on the H's.  and it will probably take me the rest of my life to write them.
  • i have a very large fear of spiders.  insert story: last night we got home late and lincoln was walking ahead of me to unlock our front door.  he opened the screen and as soon as he did a MASSIVE spider ran across the bottom of the door.  my reaction: the biggest gasp you've ever heard.  i would spell it, but i don't know how.  lincoln's reaction to the biggest gasp you've ever heard: jumps away from the door with a terrified look on his face and says, "what???!!" me, "there's.  a.  HUGE.  spider!"  at this point he got pretty frustrated with me for reacting as such and said, "with that kind of reaction, i thought it was a bear."  ... yeah, cause a bear would be hiding in between our screen door and regular door.  silly, lincoln.
  • along with my very large fear of spiders is my most amazing ability to locate them.  (see above story).  i could probably tell you if there was a spider across the room under a pile of clothes.  ;)
  • i am in love with a little girl named midge.
  • that same little girl is really funny.  (see video below) the end is the best part.  she does that all the time.  it's so funny!

midge from Jalene Bouwhuis on Vimeo.


Kel said...

haha I love the spider story... I seem to freak out at the littlest spider, and my husband says I overreact. UNTIL this weekend, when a spider fell on him in the shower and now, he's more afraid than me.

And midge=adorable.


Chase and Leah said...

She is so cute. You've got to get her "leap-through-the-air attack move" on video. I laugh out loud every time I see her do it.

Heather said...

I completely get the spider thing - I am terrified and have incredibly good "spidey-sense" - I can just sense their presence in a room, and have the same reaction that my husband sighs at every time. This morning I roused him from bed to kill a huge beasty that was crawling up our staircase - I think even the cat was afraid.

communikate. said...

i love blog confessionals.

these are goodies.

jasmine said...

she is soooo cute! and she seriously reminds me so much of gretel when she was little. i wish they could stay kittens forever!

Amanda said...

You are not alone--I called my mother three times yesterday when I was at the grocery store. Sometimes, you just need your mama :)

Grandma Kathleen said...

I can locate spiders too. Also, I love your kitten!