dear grandpa & grandma in OK... love, beck

hi, grandpa, grandma, uncle preston, and uncle quinn.

it's me, beck.

i decided to write you just to show you how much i have grown the last (almost) 3 months you've been gone now.

and show you the rest of the family so you don't forget what they look like.

we had a picnic at the park tonight.

it was really fun, but we sure missed you guys.

first things first...

look how tall i am!

next, my dad and uncle lincoln have been teaching me how to play football...

...like how to stiff arm people and stuff.

and uncle lincoln plays peek-a-boo with me, which is really fun.

i also like to put things in my mouth.
like hands...

including my own.

i also really love my mommy...

oh, and here's some pictures of everyone else so you don't forget what they look like.

aunt abby and me.

lincoln and jalene.

 leah, chase, me and penny!

and then i'll just put up some more pictures of me because aunt jalene couldn't decide which ones to choose because i'm just so cute.


and this right here is my serious face.

bye, grandpa, grandma, preston, and quinn.

we miss and love you guys!

see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Man, he's adorable! Love these! Especially the ones with him and Lincoln. He's going to be a sweet daddy someday :)

J said...

He is SO cute. Especially love the black and white pictures with the closeup of his face :)

Megan said...

I love abby so much.

Megan said...

I love Abby so much.

Mandy said...

Aww this was so cute! You are seriously TALENTED girl!

Whitney said...

so cute!

Whit said...

that little beck is so cute. i could just eat him up!
ps don't think i'm a creeper, but i really love your photography. i'm friends with leah and chase -- so i hope that makes me not too much of a creeper.