so get this...

i got this message today in my facebook inbox from a girl i don't even know saying that she has my diploma at her apartment 
(which happens to be the apartment i also lived in at college.)

i swear i changed my address with USU, but they still sent it there.

good thing there are good/smart people that wouldn't throw something like in the garbage just because it isn't theirs.

and good thing there is that little thing called facebook.  she probably would've never found me.

oh, and get this... her parents live in the same neighborhood as us!

she's coming home this weekend for general conference and said she would bring it to me.

what a doll.

and what a funny story.

good thing i'm finally getting that piece of paper that says i took a whole bunch of classes while working my butt off!


audrey said...

hooray!!! yeah the piece of paper in the mail seems pretty anticlimactic after all the junk you had to do to earn it, but still be proud!!! congrats girl!!

kara lynn said...

haha hilarious. it's a small world right?
i guess thats why they frame those little pieces of paper? i always wondered why. but most the frames are ugly. mine will be cute. but i probably won't frame it. ha ha okay i'm done!

Megan said...

That entire story blows my mind, and freaks me out.

Grandma Kathleen said...

that is such a great story!