called to serve.

lincoln's little sister, abby, received her mission call yesterday!

opening her call:

she started crying at this part because she read where she was going, so i started to cry too!
that's why the pictures are a little blurry... me--crying--shaking...

 i love the look on grandpa taylor's face.

as you know... half of lincoln's family lives in oklahoma city right now because they are serving as mission presidents.
leah was on vacation with beck.
so we skyped in our family to open the call:

showing the fam the map of her mission:

calling her friends:

she will be leaving us for 18 months to go and teach people about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
she was called to serve in the Chile Santiago West mission!!
and she will learn how to speak spanish!

we are so excited for her and love her dearly!

we are so proud of the decision she has made to serve.

i am going to miss that girl.  isn't she pretty?


whimsy said...

oh yay!!! what an exciting time!!! my sister served in chile too! but in the vina del mar mission. oh i love this post, makes me so happy and brings very fond emotion and memory:)

Lindsay Kay said...

She'll be awesome!

kara lynn said...

soo exciting! i guess because so many girls my age are going right now. it is oh so exciting!

President and Sister Taylor said...

Jalene--you are great! You take the best pictures ever. They make me feel like I was there--which is exactly where I wanted to be, believe me! Thanks so much. You are a doll. Love you--Mom T.

President and Sister Taylor said...

Another great site to check out is mormon.org. It has lots of great stuff and all the new ads the church is running. It is fun.

Amanda said...


Jess said...

Oh that is so cute! I love how you set up both computer with Skype and it just like they are there with you experiencing it. Gotta love technology and it's developments.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

My brother is in the Chile Santiago West Mission! He has only been there about 3 months and LOVE LOVE LOVESSS IT! She will LOVE IT!