i am thankful. day two.

today i am thankful for:




the most amazing friends ever.


technology in general.


the temple.

honey bunches of oats cereal.

a cute little nephew.

and his parents who donated a turkey so we could get $3 jazz vs. lakers tickets this friday!

what are you thankful for today?

in other news... we have been issued a "blizzard warning" for today.
this NEVER happens in utah.  like NEVER!  we just kind of deal with the snow even if it's really bad.  life goes on and school is NEVER cancelled.  well, it was cancelled or let out early today.  this is seriously a bad storm.  

it kind of makes me nervous because it has to be a big deal for them to issue these kind of warnings to us utahns.  i just hope that big pine tree outside our window that is thrashing in the wind doesn't blow over on us.

also, we should have a 72 hour kit.  but we don't.  i labeled my parents as our 72 hour kit.  we could survive in their basement for weeks.

in other other news... i got notified yesterday that i reached my 1gb maximum for uploading pictures on this here blog.  um... what????  i had no idea about this rule.  did you?  this blog may be picture-less until i can figure something out or decide to fork over the $5 a year for 20gb of space.  

anyone else experience this unfortunate news?


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of excited for the blizzard and praying for another snow day tomorrow. Please oh please!

7upkels said...

I agree with you sister. Campus issued an email to all students today about the blizzard and I thought it was so strange because when on earth does that ever happen in Utah? Most schools across the country shut down, but the last time I remember having a snow day due to a storm was...never?

Anyway, hope you have a most Happy Thanksgiving darling girl!

Lacey Jay said...

Hi. i found your blog some random way and love your posts. Anyway I just had to comment because I just got the same warning about the maximum picture things. so dumb. I forked over the $5 eventually... haha.