our thursday morning.

it started with a knock at the door that leads upstairs to our landlord...

it was much too early for that.

and then i ate some breakfast.

then midge started to throw up.
which she also did last night.

this time it was different and she did like 4 times in 20 minutes.

i got a little freaked that something was seriously wrong with her and starting crying.

i called the vet and i'm pretty sure the secretary thought i was crazy for crying and telling her my kitten was throwing up over and over.

in the midst of all of this another knock from our landlord.

i'm also half dressed.

ugh.  chaos.

after about the 4th up-chuck epside, midge started acting normal again and running around and playing.

i hope she's okay.
i was really scared.

now i'm lounging around in my undies with a towel wrapped around my hair.  i should probably go get ready considering it's almost 1:30.

anyway, that was my morning.

hope your's was better than mine.


Diana Smith said...

That is my morning almost everyday except for the poor kitty throwing up! The day I decide to walk around in my undies people flock to my door!

Mandy said...

So sorry. I hope she's doing okay!

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

that doesn't sound fun at all! maybe something she ate got stuck. hope she's better now. I had a kitten get into my fishing gear once and I couldn't remember if the line still had a hook. that was a scary couple of days!!

Robby Spratt said...

Cats seem to throw up for a variety of reasons. Mine throws up a lot too. Sometimes it is just gross slimy hairball stuff, but usually it is because of something he ate. My cat is a hunter, so he will often go outside and catch himself something to eat. He usually throws up a while after. He loves milk, but if we give it to him, he throws up. If we change the food we give him, he throws up. I think throwing up for cats is normal, as long as they don't show other signs of being sick. The fact that your kitten started playing and acting normal probably means nothing is wrong.

Anna said...

Ahh gifs are surprisingly simple. If you have photoshop, it will usually come with imageready which is the program you use to make gifs. This is a great tutorial that explains it quite well...

It will zap time, just as an FYI, haha.

Shelby Lou said...

Yesterday, I woke up and went to wake up my dog and she wouldn't get off her chair (in my room). So I picked her up and sat her on the ground. She walked three steps and her hip gave out and she fell over on her side.

If she dies, I will die inside.


I'm glad your kitty is okay. I'm not a cat person, but a pet is a pet. I understand why you would be scared.

whimsy said...

ha classic. mornings like this are the story of my life. absolutely horrible when they are going on. but hilarious to document and read afterwards. and so nice to sit around in the undies with a towel and just bask in the post relaxation that is needed.