valentine's day

lincoln and i had an unconventional valentine's day.

we both spent the day working and then he came to see hairspray!

so as i was singing and dancing on stage, i kept secrectly/purposely staring in his general direction wishing happy valentine's day vibes.

i couldn't exactly see him because, ya know, the lights are real bright up on stage.

he's been such an amazing support during all these crazy every-single-night rehearsals.

and then he came to cheer for me on valentine's day!

since we didn't get to really celebrate our first valentine's day as a married couple, we are going to grab some dinner and movie tonight.

 me & my after-hairspray-ness.  my hair has never seen such heights.
courtesy of bump-it.

my wonderful sister-in-law & brother-in-law also spent their valentine's day at the show.

thanks, guys!

i will get some more pictures of the cast, but here is one:

i get to wear this amazing VINTAGE dress someone donated to the theatre for the last scene.

it fits like a glove and it is beautiful!

here is me and all my other cute council girls:

in other news...

i had the opportunity to be photographed by justin hackworth today.

he is so cool and easy to talk to.

i had a blast and i'm very pleased to have met him.

more on that soon.


Anonymous said...

awwww LOVE LOVE LOVE it! so sweet! and supportive family!

jenn said...

So fun! My cousin is in the show, although I believe she is in the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday cast.

Grandma Kathleen said...

I love the dresses! and i wish i lived near you so i could see you in hairspray!

Anonymous said...


Catherine Anne said...

It was so fun to come see the show! It was fantastic!! You are a great dancer, loved the costumes...you looked so cute, and I was wondering if you were using a bump it for your hair... ;)

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Being married rocks cause you always have an awesome Valentine! :) LOVE your dress!!! I actually love your hair like that! ha ha