justin hackworth.

a couple weeks ago i mentioned taking part in this.

yes, i really wanted to be photographed by justin hackworth, but mostly i just wanted to use this opportunity to meet him.

from the moment he said hello, he made me feel completely comfortable. 
we sat down and chatted for a bit.  he made it feel like he genuinely wanted to get to know me. 

many of things he did during our session, made me think about my own photography business and how i can improve.
basically, i came out of there with a lot of respect for him as a person.

bottom line, he is genuine and pretty darn cool.

these are the photos i chose.

it took me so long to decide.

p.s. i realized that when i got home i forgot to put mascara on my bottom lashes.
having eyelash extensions has made me completely forget about mascara... so that's why my eyes look a little bare.

justin brought in some music and asked me to dance.
k, this was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone.
even though i'm a "dancer" i have ZERO ability to just freestyle.

teach me all the choreography in the world, and i'll do it for you, but just winging it?
not good.

it was still hilarious and fun.

mostly because all i could think of what to do was hairspray moves.

thanks, justin.

you're great. 


kristin said...

yay! my shoot is TODAY!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these. You're stunning. Can we trade hair... please? Pretty please?

Nina said...

Wow, this is stunning... Really beautiful! :) i love it!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! Love the dancing too :)

communikate. said...

You look gorgeous lady!

Caitlin said...

these are beautiful! lovely, lovely.