BAM designs.

meet my friend, brady:

photo by me.

brady is my friend from high school.

and he is like EXTREMELY talented in like five hundred ways.
really, he's just one of those people.

you see, a few months ago we did a swap.

i took pictures of him and his designs because he was applying for an internship.
and he totally got a sweet one in LA.
yay, brady!

so in turn for me taking photos, he offered me one of his custom paintings.

and i LOVE mine so much, that i decided i need to promote this talented guy on my blog.

here is the one he made for me:

"chubby bird" in acrylic 

oh gosh!  it is just perfect in our room.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

brady is so cool that he's offering a 10% discount on all custom pieces to everyone who mentions "as she thinketh" when you place your order.

and this is good until the end of the year!!
so you have a whole 7 months to jump on that deal, friends.

you can view his other work here on his blog.
contact him here:  bradymathewsdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com

another one of my absolute favorites is  "orange leaves" in acrylic":

i might just have to purchase that one too!

what do you think?


Lover of Words said...

i don't know how i know him but for some reason i know him!! haha - maybe i went to efy with him?? so funny. smallll world! (and ps those pictures are amazing.)

Steph Romney said...

Brady is so talented! Great photos, Jalene! I love his pieces. The one you picked is so perfect!

Lyndsey said...

Wow, that is a sweet gift! Love it!!

Chess said...

Very nice. I love the minimalism.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I took that last picture! Go, Brady!

Shayna said...

That kid is so talented, I've been so intimidated by his abilities ever since my first semester of college. Amazing work