i'm so in love with summer right now that it's distracting me from doing anything else.

i realized the other day that this is the first summer in a really long time that i haven't had school.
i always thought summer semester was just fine, but now i'm feeling bad for those in school right now... ahem.. husband.  :(

the temperature has finally gotten high enough to stop wearing sweaters outside and just that one tiny thing feels my heart with the most joy!

i'm just someone who needs warmth... i do NOT do well in winters.

we've been:
driving around the town with the windows rolled down blasting tunes
getting delicious snow cones
going to baseball games
playing at parks
chasing midge around the yard
playing frolf

and other wonderful summer stuff.

tonight i had the opportunity to meet up with some fellow photogs and hang out for a while.

i feel like i've come a long way with my photography in the last year and i'm so excited for what's to come.

it is my absolute passion!  i think it about it ALL the time.

and summer makes photography even more amazing because my face and hands don't freeze and fall off.

here's a few from tonight... i shot with a film camera for a while and obviously those aren't developed yet, so there's just a few digitals:

what's your favorite thing about summer?

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Grandma Kathleen said...

your pictures are wonderful!!! thank you for sharing them with us.