july has arrived.

i hate to bag on july, but i think june is my favorite month of the year.

it was a good month for us and the weather is always lovely...
until next year, june.

july is fun too with all the celebrating we do, but it's already like insanely hot.

i believe i sweated more than normal this weekend.

first, i photographed this lovely couple's wedding:
and in between the temple and reception i finally caved and we made a trip to the apple store.

i guess you could say my trustworthy first generation iPhone was pretty close to kicking the bucket...
it lasted a good 3 years and 3 months though!

but i got sick of it dying 3 times a day and not being able to update the software and the pixels were slowly disappearing.

and since lincoln's iPhone has looked like this since february:

we figured it was time.

and we are happy with our purchases.

so beautiful:

while we were at the apple store we ran into kera!
blog world meets real world!

and yes, she is really that beautiful.

another blog meeting this week...
i photographed this awesome couple and it was so fun.
more on that soon.


we also celebrated chase's birthday!

happy birthday, chase!

and we pre-celebrated independence day north salt lake style:

and today we celebrate quinn's birthday!

our red head in the family.

happy birthday, quinn!

lots more celebrating to do today!  

happy independence day!

we love our country.

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carla thorup said...

oh, that white one is so sexy!