this is your life.

today i was telling a friend how i can't be a good wife, a good employee, a good photographer, a good blogger, a good sister, a good housekeeper, a good cook, and a good friend all at the same time.

can anyone really do that?

if you can, will you please come over here and tell me how to be so organized to be able to be good at all those things?
or tell me that that kind of organizational talent is born inside you, and i have no hope for the rest of my life?

i could always wish for more hours in the day, but i hear loads of people have already tried that.
so i wish my body could survive on less sleep, because then i might be able to be good at all those things.
but my body is screaming, "no no no!"
it needs sleep.
oh, sleep.
i love sleeping.

and then, as i'm so absorbed in all this self-reflection,
something happens.
as it always does.

that makes me rethink my priorities.

terrible.  sad things.
happening to people i love and care about.
my blood-related.

which made me sit and think for a while tonight about choices...
and how they affect others 
and how important it is to make good choices in life.

and then all of sudden, those things don't seem that big of deal anymore.
like always.

why do i always forget?

i found this tonight on the interweb.
not sure of the source, but it was very fitting.


Anna said...

Thanks for sharing. That quote is pretty blunt and is the slap in the face that I need.

Hailstorm said...

I often stress about trying to please everyone at once. My dad always tells me "You can please all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time." That always helps me focus on what and who's most important.

Mandy said...

I feel like this everyday. It is such a struggle and I feel bad because I have lost touch with a lot of friends I really love and care about it. You just do the best you can - and be proud of that.

andrea said...

i really like this quote and i think i am going to print and frame it. life is short and we have to do what we can to enjoy every aspect, and every person that walks into our life. my cousin passed away yesterday and i think it is so important that we remind ourselves of everything in this quote/picture/post more often than not. im glad i read this today. thanks. :)

Kaylie Photography said...

Just focus on what matters most:) I bet you're doing better than you think you are. That's a good quote.

Ihler Family said...

Someone once told me that if you are doing all you can in all of the good things you are doing then that is your best. You may be able to tweek things here and there but always give your best to the things that are most important and everything else will fall into place or fall out of your life. I have also learned that everything important has its time in your life and sometimes while you do that important thing your life will be out of blance. When you look at your life overall you will see balance and find Joy in all that you have achieved.

andrea said...

i downloaded colbie caillat's album yesterday and there is a song on there that made me think of this post. it's called "what means the most." if you listen to it, you'll have to let me know what you think. basically the entire album is fantastic.

Amanda said...

Agreed. It's amazing how sometimes reality brings us back to the simple things - what makes you happiest and what do you love and who do you want to be. :) Love your blog!