we live!

i guess that (almost) month long hiatus was a much needed break.

i don't know if anyone is still around reading this blog, but just in case you were wondering,

we live!

we all know how much i love moving, and since we just did that again we've kind of been busy unpacking and stuff.

we also decided it would be best if lincoln quit his job and just focused on school.
so i've been doing the bread winning around here, which means regular job + photographing every spare second.

we have also kind of maybe thought about lincoln changing career choices.
which is really scary but also may be really good for us.

lots of changes and lots of busy-ness but we are happy as clams.

both of our birthdays are coming up and we are also going on a little cruise (which sails on my birthday!!)

lincoln is also begging me for:
a) another kitten
b) a puppy

c) a baby

that guy...

anyway... in case you forgot what we look like...
i made lincoln let me take pictures of him today in his church outfit cause i liked it so much:

and then there's me:

p.s. my mom made this skirt for herself in the 60s from a vogue pattern.
i love it.

and we can't forget little midger.

we love her and think this picture is hilarious.

and that's our happy family.


DemiAroha said...

you live! yay!

NI said...

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!! I remember the year your mom called me to say I would get to share a birthday with you for the rest of my life. What a great present. Happy Birthday to you too Jalene.

ps- I promise dogs are just as much work as a baby and almost as much money :)

Amish Stories said...

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