lincoln and i just got back from a little columbus day weekend getaway.

the journey started out very interesting... to say the least.

we arrived at the airport that morning... checked in...
walked to our gate and sat down.

after about a minute i looked up and noticed that the flight at the gate was definitely not our flight.
thinking they had changed our gate, we walked up to the counter...

the rep typed and gazed at her computer and seemed to be confused.

then she hands up back our ticket:

"your flight is for 10:02 PM not AM."

(shear panic sets in)

we needed to catch a cruise ship in LA by 5:00 PM.

long story short, we got put on the next flight out, but they told us they couldn't guarantee our bags would get on the same flight as us.

more shear panic.

neither of us had ANY clothes in our carry-on.

luckily in about a half hour we asked another rep to check and our bags indeed got on our flight.

p.s. this was on my birthday and i thought it might be the worst birthday ever before we figured everything out.

we boarded the ship and had a great three day cruise down to ensenada.

handsome husband:

birthday singing:




if you ever go to rosarito, you must go to el nido.

this nice woman made us the best soft tortillas i've ever tasted in her wood burning stove:

michael jordan wannabe:


lots and lots of water:

coastal drive:

formal night:

and the towel animals, of course:

we decided to spend an extra day in california.
got of the ship, rented a car, and drove ourselves here:

it was my first time, and i'd have to say it was probably my most favorite thing we did the whole weekend.

most insane roller coasters i've ever been on.
i was so scared, but had the most fun ever.

then our trip got interesting again...

we drove back toward LAX and checked into our hotel.
big mistake...
we should've just never showed up.

our hotel was in inglewood... big mistake.
and it was SOOOOO sketchy.
like one of those hotels that people get murdered in.

super scary part of town and we felt so unsafe.
we went and got some dinner and met up with some friends of ours.

when they heard our predicament, they told us to come to their apartment and stay.
so nice of them!

we seriously love them forever for that.
here's a picture of tanner & brynne just because i have to show you how cute they are:

stolen shamelessly from brynne's facebook.

even though we lost $57, i'm glad we are still alive.

so basically the beginning and end of our vacation was super interesting...
but the rest was much needed and a super fun time with husband.

happy birthday to both of us in the last week!

sure do love our little family.


TheCoys said...

AWESOME pictures and it looks like you had so much fun. I'm sure a cruise was a perfect way to just unwind and r e l a x ! We need to do one with all the girls and spouses. Love you guys and I'm so glad you had fun.

brynne frei said...

hahaha i was just going to comment on how much i looved the photos and then saw the "stolen shamelessly from brynne's facebook" as i was about to write this comment. i can't believe we forgot to take a photo. that was so much fun though! also, i've been day dreaming about your returm ever since we proposed a scott, lindsey, lincoln, jalene, brynne and tanner LA vacay! it would seriously be so fun.

Mandy said...

What a fun trip! We need a friend like that for our upcoming Portland trip... I have a feeling our hotel is way sketch.

Happy birthday to you both!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Vacations are the best! Happy Birthday(late sorry!)! Jealous that you were on the beach. :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

just stumbled across your blog. so beautiful! all of these images are just perfect in every way! and happy belated birthday! looks like SO much fun!!!
xo TJ

Jessie Gold said...

Oh my goodness! How do you know Brynne!?! I worked with her! Small world! p.s. LOVE your blog!

whimsy said...

u,mmm how do you know brynne? i love her. your trip looked amazing! ugh i want to go so badly!

tifsong said...

Looks like a lovely trip! Tanner is my husbands first cousin! Small world :)